KeraCare Edge Tamer

KeraCareEdgeTamerKeraCare Edge Tamer lays down wavy hair along hairlines to give edges a silky-smooth touchable texture. This super-holding gel can quickly tame any tapered area without the fear of sudden reversion. May be used on relaxed or natural hair. Non-Greasy Flake-Free Colorless. Use: Apply a small amount of Edge Tamer along the hairline. Using slight pressure, repetitively smooth down hair onto scalp using fingertips and/or back of a comb until hair is silky straight.

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FiberGuard® Bridge Conditioning Serum

FiberguardConditioningSerumThe new FiberGuard® Bridge Conditioning Serum allows you to relax hair and use permanent hair color on the same day. You can use FiberGuard® Conditioning Relaxer System and MoisturColor® Permanent Creme Hair Color System on the same day.

With FiberGuard® Bridge Conditioning Serum hair remains stronger, wet hair is easier to comb, hair is shiny, and soft and free flowing.